Published on
February 14, 2018
On February 14, 2018, Insight EA LLC took part in the workshop "Digital Economy Technologies in Design, Construction and Housing and Public Utilities", which was held at the Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Engineering.

The workshop addressed a relevant and promising topic of implementing BIM technologies. BIM technology allows you to create a single digital environment for the interaction of participants in the investment and construction process, i.e. this is not only obtaining a three-dimensional image of the facility for design calculations, it is a single model with which the specialists of all profiles work, from architect to surveyor simultaneously and anywhere in the world. All this allows you to avoid possible alterations in the design, reduce construction costs, save time, make right decisions at the life cycle stages, from investments to operation and even demolition.

The uniqueness of the workshop was that the new technology was not only presented in theory, but a working model of this technology was also demonstrated, which was introduced in ASE Engineering Company. In addition, NNSUAE received as a gift from the workshop participants several sets of software products for the students to study these latest technologies, which allows us to hope for an increase in the education level of the NNSUAE students - our future employees!