Automated Systems

The development and implementation objects are:

  • Multilevel integrated automated process control systems at enterprises and facilities of the fuel and energy complex (production, transport, oil and gas processing);
  • Automated process control systems for main and distribution gas pipelines, as well as auxiliary engineering systems: compressor shops and stations, connection points, gas treatment units, boiler rooms, hydraulic fracturing, water supply and water disposal, power supply facilities;
  • Dispatching control and management systems (dispatching points of line operation sections, central dispatching points, dispatching points of regional companies);
  • Automated information systems (AIS) of regional gas distribution companies, public enterprises (Vodokanal, Teploenergo, etc.);
  • Automated metering and control systems for electric (ASDUE, ASKUE, ASTUER) and non-electric (ASUE) energy resources at the enterprises of suppliers and consumers;
  • Automated energy consumption prediction systems (AECPS);
  • Telemetry systems of objects of the line part of gas and oil pipelines (KP, GDS, GIS, PZRG), power supply;
  • Structured monitoring and control system for engineering systems of buildings and structures (SMIS);
  • Communication and security systems at plant facilities (dispatch and radio communications, data transmission system, structured cabling system, security and access control systems, security alarm system, television surveillance, monitoring of engineering facilities);
  • Local automated systems of process installations of enterprises of various industries;
  • Enterprise resource planning systems and production process optimization (MES, ERP systems).

We carry out the following main processes:

  • Collection of initial data and creation of Terms of Reference;
  • Development of design, software and operational documentation for components and hardware and software complexes of automated process control systems;
  • Development of design and working documentation;
  • Hazards and Operability Analysis of Design Objects (HAZOP);
  • Software development;
  • Modeling and field tests;
  • Complete set and factory tests;
  • Supply;
  • Designer supervision;
  • Installation;
  • Commissioning works;
  • Training;
  • Technical support.